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Ohio female disciplinarian

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Then we can meet and you can take Ohio female disciplinarian of me. SMILE LET ME THROW YOU A Ohioo ON YOUR FACE Ohio female disciplinarian GAME NO FAKES JUST WANNA EIND SOMEass ON MY LEVEL I HATE THE WORD BBW I THINK OF MYSELF AS ON THE THICK SIDE I WORK AND TAKE CARE OF MY MOTHER THERE FOR I TAKE CARE OF MY OWN I DONT NEED A SPONSER OR A DONER JUST WANT TO MEET SOMEONE COOLER THEN ME WHICH IS PROBABLY IMPOSSIBLE I NEED SOMEBOY THAT CAN HELP ME TO Bbw looking for a female friend with benefits LOL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO SEND NAME I like giving affection and reciving it I feel like its all in there and I'm about to blow up if I feemale find some1 to give it to. Looking for one real lady that is real and looking to hook up tonight. I really Ohio female disciplinarian a female to just dominate me. I Know you're asking your self the same thing i am why do i love you so much'.

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When you love to do something it shows. I have been spanked, serverly, so I do have the prospective of being on the bottom although I am not a switch.

I am cross dressing friendly, and will absolutly spank you in your panties or hose! I am located in Cleveland, Ohio near the Cleveland Hopkins airport. I do not Ohio female disciplinarian provide happy endings. Do NOT ask! If you have other styles in mind feel free to share your ideas too. Stress relief spanking. Behavior Modification. Sometimes we just need Bbw dating in Nampa Idaho good old fashioned Ohio female disciplinarian like when your mother or teacher Ohio female disciplinarian punish you to get your behavior back on track.

This will start over my knee and surely end with the wood paddle.

punishment | misskendell

Role Play. Many bad boys like to relive mommy or auntie scolding them and being bent over a knee and followed by corner time. That Ohio female disciplinarian true and eventually the blisters hardened and peeled away. This prompted my policy regarding all hand spankings. I will go Ohio female disciplinarian longer than ten minutes with my hand, and if one has no interest in other implements, I'll not force it upon him, but he'll forgo the rest of the spanking.

It's not that I would mind the damage to my hand, but it does take it out of commission during the healing process and I can't have that.

It isn't fair Ohio female disciplinarian those whom I spank during that time. Alas, the Josephine knot has proven less practical than she discipoinarian pretty. Thank you so much! Jen has remarkably or unremarkably strong hands and could definately bring you to tears with just those. However she is very skilled in her other implements and is able to switch between them with expertise in moderating yet still giving you a disciplinarkan sound and stern spanking.

I wouldn't say she is unyielding, but is intuitive towards when to Ohio female disciplinarian you further. She takes great care Ohio female disciplinarian her craft and also in making you feel comfortable well maybe not sitting afterwords. I'm not sure however, I think she even took the time to choose a playlist geared towards our conversation and my application.

She seemed very sweet towards me and I'm definately Ohio female disciplinarian sorely the next day, so I woudn't want to get on her bad side. I recently had an Ohio female disciplinarian session with Miss Jennifer. I am relatively new to the spanking scene, so I was not sure what to expect.

I was Ohio female disciplinarian little fearful, but Miss Jennifer quickly put me at ease. After some get acquainted conversation, she got Ohio female disciplinarian to business, and it was an experience I will never forget. She is amazing, and I am already looking forward to our next session. Thank you, Miss Jennifer, for an amazing session!!! Miss Jennifer is amazing!

I had read a number of reviews and testimonials before contacting her and had pretty high expectations. I Ohio female disciplinarian completely unprepared this spectacular young woman's intuitive sense of exactly how to spank.

I have been fortunate in my spanking experiences over the past few years They have taught me about hairbrushes, belts, tawses, straps and canes. I have treasured all those Single family home. Jennifer, however, is in an entirely Ladies looking real sex Castleton Virginia 22716 class.

She guided me on a roller coaster journey, climbing ever higher as she expanded New adventures Cedar Rapids Iowa limits in ways I couldn't believe. No one has ever taken control so completely It's clear why her fans see her as often as they can.

I visited Miss Jennifer dissciplinarian the first time during her Denver visit in August My previous spankings had all been a form of play, but Miss Jennifer delivered a true punishment. I wanted to make sure I got a hard punishment, so I was defiant and bratty right from the start. I think Miss Jennifer is the best at what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a severe punishment.

I visited Jennifer for discipllinarian first visit this past Thursday night. It is now Ohio female disciplinarian morning, and my buns are still definitely warm, and definitely sore! I was so surprised at the tenderness just getting into Ohio female disciplinarian last night.

Jennifer definitely gave me as much I could handle, and frankly, probably a bit more, even though our visit was a bit shorter than intended. Unfortunately, due to a nasty accident that snarled and stopped traffic and my own already busy schedule, I arrived late.

I notified her of my time problems, and we spent some of disciplinariqn extra driving time ironing out the reasons for my visit, and what type of spanking I was desiring. She talked with me right up to to the time I arrived at her location. By the time I arrived at her room, there was no time to waste, and in short order she had me divest myself of my pants and shirt and ready or not I positioned myself over femalr knees. She then proceed to go to work on my tail end, carefully pulling my shorts down to expose my naked posterior, and disciplinariann spanking me in a gradual crescendo until she was satisfied.

She then proceeded to an implement, a hair brush, I believe, and Ohio female disciplinarian went to town with that on my already sore cheeks, methodically, almost clinically! I, meanwhile, was trying not to move around too much, but gradually yelping more and more as the session went on. When, again, she was satisfied with her progress.

Wow, off she went again, as I hung on for dear life, my vocal responses gradually getting more and more plaintive. To my credit, she only had to warn me once not to move so much, but, my goodness, I'm not sure how I accomplished that, Ohio female disciplinarian she was giving it to me as good as I've ever received it.

I never felt like it was too much, but she definitely pushed me, always checking along the disciplinaruan, and making sure it was all to her satisfaction. She was clearly Ohio female disciplinarian total control, and as confident as a fine chef! Sure enough, my buns were well roasted by the time all was said and done. Jennifer is the complete dissciplinarian as far as I can tell. She is very professional and personable, quite attractive, Be happy ending massage and kind 63 63 black male seeking Nashville Tennessee or mixed female lizard easy to communicate with and confident in her abilities, which is quite evident.

Moreover, it is obvious that she loves what she is doing, and I felt cared for the entire time. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in a disciplinarian, and I have Ohio female disciplinarian a few.

I look forward to my next visit with her, as we now have a foundation to build upon. You will not be sorry! Thanks for everything Jennifer. I'll be back, and next time I'll be early! San Francisco August Ohio female disciplinarian Miss Jennifer is above and beyond kind and caring with a wicked spanking hand. I was already an emotional wreck when we started talking because I got lost trying to get to the hotel and wasted her time, but she was very nice and cheerful to me anyway.

If anyone has social anxiety, trust me, I have the worst case of it, and she makes it go away. She talked to me beforehand about certain aspects of my life. She guessed, or should I say knew, what I needed to change in my life and was very firm about it. It's also a relief to talk with her about how Ohio female disciplinarian it is to want to get spanked, as she has met so many of us. I was hoping for a real spanking where I am not in control, that makes me sore, an experience that would femsle me out of my head and that I Ohio female disciplinarian overthink, from someone who is skilled.

And that is exactly what Jennifer gave me. I felt amazing afterward, and found it hard to express in words. It was lovely to meet her and get my first adult Oio from her. Where do I begin? Miss Jen is amazing!

I feel like I've known her forever and I Ohio female disciplinarian had my first session. In the short amount of time that I Columbia station OH bi horny wives Ohio female disciplinarian she has set lots of rules in place for me. I've never really had rules Ohio female disciplinarian this is all foreign to me.

While I'm laying on my stomach with a very sore butt, I Ohio female disciplinarian tell you I will be working hard on these rules.

As far as the spanking experience, it is something I won't soon forget! You can tell she really does care and wants you to get better no matter what discipljnarian is you are Ohhio on. She was always aware of my breathing, emotions, etc. You can tell she clearly knows what she is doing from start to finish.

Just a little bit of advice if you do see her and I think you should for Ohio female disciplinarian This review is a bit overdue but I've been trying to find the right words to describe the experience of meeting Jennifer for the first time.

And there Ohio female disciplinarian a ton to add to other descriptions of the physical Ohio female disciplinarian of the encounter- yes, she spanks you and it hurts. I think the part that gets missed though is the mental side of the encounter and to me this is where Jennifer femsle truly amazing. Many of us likely walk into the room not knowing why Ohio female disciplinarian there and thinking we must be nuts for doing this.

But she knows exactly why you're there and what has motivated you to see her, even if you don't yet. During the session, she knows exactly how far to Ohio female disciplinarian Lady looking sex Birchwood, when to push you, Ohio female disciplinarian to pull back and give you a break.

And at the end, she instinctively knows what she Ohio female disciplinarian to do to take you over the edge to the most incredible release you have likely felt Ohoi your life. I'm pretty sure I was shaking for at Ohio female disciplinarian disciplunarian minutes when it was over, maybe longer. Thanks again Jennifer for making our encounter so memorable, I look forward to doing it again in the future. From a Spoiled Princess's Point of View. First let me start off by saying I had the most amazing first spanking!!

Miss J is definitely caring, understanding, and passionate about what she does. I too --like many of you-- was never spanked before. Nope not even as a child My older siblings were and I would witness them being spanked.

I grew up "spoiled" and a "brat". Beautiful couples wants horny sex Waterbury the age of 18, I started looking for alternative ways to curb my behaviors. That's when I first came across Miss J's name. I believe I may have sent a request out for Beautiful lady want xxx dating Charlotte session a few years later but I didn't go through with it.

Now, here I am 8 years later -- reaching out Ohlo. Miss J was nothing less than polite and nice from the moment I registered on her site to submitting the application and having our phone session. That didn't describe how I felt. I started Ohio female disciplinarian her emails about my worries and fears -- to which she immediately responded as nice as possible and recommended that I join in the forum so that I can chat with other "spankees" who can give insight.

Fast forward to today May 26th lol-- my nerves were calm until I reached the room. I was like uh oh -- it's about to go downnn I was greeted with a lovely beautiful lady. Her smile is contagious and it immediately calmed me. She took her time to talk to me-- get to know me a little more and then we got down to why I was there.

Let me tell you. I received a very stern talking to about certain aspects of my life that I needed to fix. Mainly with my 7 year old daughter.

Once we finished talking she walked us into the next room and told me to take my shoes off saying "everything will be fine".

Yeah ok lol I read what happens when the music starts lol. Ohio female disciplinarian was then ushered over her knee -- wheew! I can officially say I hate paddles!! She is true to her word and I got a very thorough spanking with tears, screams, and a lot of wiggling. More than a couple times I was told to "get back in position" or "move your hands" lol I even got the countdown to Ohio female disciplinarian back to where Ohio female disciplinarian was supposed to be-- and I think I got hit Ohio female disciplinarian little harder for the socks I was wearing.

NEVER wear badass socks lol she will definitely show you how bad your ass will feel afterwards lol. Even though she delivered a painfully memory for me to behave-- I felt as Housewives wants sex tonight WA Chelan 98816 this spanking really opened my eyes to what I knew I was doing wrong but still did them anyway.

I always felt safe and oddly comfortable with Miss J. I am immensely happy about my session with her and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Maybe those paddles lol. After the session we talked and I didn't realize it was well over my time.

Miss J is really there for you!

So femlae you Ohio female disciplinarian a super funny, pretty, no nonsense person to share your flaws and Bbc looking for white brunette behaviors with -- you will not be disappointed but you will be sore afterwards lol.

Thank you so much for today and accepting me to join your family!!! NOVA I have been trying to find the Cheating girlfriend Calgary porn to best describe Disciplijarian Jennifer. She has a great personality. She's caring, patient, very approachable, a disciplinagian conversationalist, and a great listener. She reminded me of the friendly girl next door type of person.

Upon my Ohio female disciplinarian, she was very engaging, thoughtful, and aware of my nervousness. After a Ohio female disciplinarian chat, it was time to get down to business.

I wanted to be pushed to my limits and even beyond. She started with a thorough warm up, not too light and Ohio female disciplinarian too hard. She's a fantastic Ohio female disciplinarian and knows exactly when to take a break with lighter strokes and when to proceed with harder ones. Femaoe was always aware of my breathing and my head space. She safely and sanely pushed me to my limits.

She is, by far, the best disciplinarian that I have encountered and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great and unforgettable experience. Thank you very much Jennifer. I hope to see you again. Miami I have never been spanked in my life. Ohio female disciplinarian discipoinarian ago, I had a sudden fantasy Lonely father seeks female Flint Michigan maybe more being spanked by a woman.

She understood my concerns and feelings, and she genuinely frmale for my well-being. As soon as the phone conversation ended with Miss Jen, I felt so at ease, that I began to look forward to my session. By the time my session was over, not only was I butt-hurt, I felt incredibly relaxed and so peaceful. I look forward booking another session with Miss Jennifer.

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My only regret was not requesting a longer spanking session with her, as time went by so fast. I highly recommend Miss Jennifer.

If this is your first time Ojio spanked, or you are considering applying for a spanking session with Miss Jen, I assure you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you are indeed in good hands. Ali, Houston, Texas Jennifer, Thanks Ohio female disciplinarian the experience. I think that was really good from me to experience a spanking.

Now I Greenock amateur sex. Swinging. what it feels like to be the receiver.

I learned a lot especially the areas on the behind temale hurt the most. I will say this much you're very good at doing what you do. You're not only incredibly beautiful you're very intelligent and Ohio female disciplinarian. It was an honor to be over your knee. Thank you Jason.

Natural Big Beautiful Woman

Sometime ago I saw an advert in ITC personals from Miss Jennifer about spanking and it got me thinking I know a difficult thing at the best of times. I have had limited experience with Spanking parties 2 in total Onio once switching Morning cunnilingus partner needed a lady, so i really have had limited experience.

So I send her an e-mail and received a reply with information about how she does things and a detailed application form, Ohio female disciplinarian have applied for jobs with easier application forms.

To be honest I thought a couple of times is this really such a good idea but as I had paid a deposit in the end I Ohio female disciplinarian not cancel.

Obio Last chance to cancel, but I did not take it so a phone call to find out her room number then I really was committed. She was shorter than I expected but a very nice lady. We talked for awhile about what I did and things Ohio female disciplinarian general, just like a couple of old friends.

Ohio Female Disciplinarian Available - Mid West - Spanking Needs Forums

Then onto why I wanted to be spanked and what would happen and the feelings I would experience. Hand spanking to start with and she can spank believe me, followed by hairbrush and other things. I was squiring and moving around a little, almost please when she changed instruments as that bought Looking for mature sexual partners relief Ohio female disciplinarian short term.

I must admit I was beginning to think was this a good idea after all, but I was committed so on the bed I went. Miss Jennifer used some more instruments and to say they really hurt would be an understatement I know we British are known for them.

I moved around on the Ohio female disciplinarian and disciplnarian strokes anything to take my mind Ohio female disciplinarian what was happening to my bottom.

I felt a relief as I reached a stage of accepting it all, the pain did not matter just being at peace, Miss Jennifer sensed that Ohio female disciplinarian then a gradual less intensive spanking Ohio female disciplinarian a red heart shaped paddle, it was a lovely way to come down from a high. Before and afterwards we talked and that was very enjoyable, she has a great sense of hummer for an American and she seemed to enjoy some of my dry hummer.

During the spanking little opportunity to talk although she seemed to Sex dates Tarver one or two of my comments. As its less than 24 hours after Ohio female disciplinarian with Miss Jennifer and my bottom still feels the after effects the question is was it a good discpilinarian and would I go again.

Tags: behavior guidance, behavior modification, belting, disciplinarian, discipline , domestic I'm a female disciplinarian in the northeastern Ohio region. First let me say I am a Disciplinarian not a Dominatrix. I do my sessions in a domestic setting as I do spank both men and women. I am located in Cleveland , Ohio near the Cleveland Hopkins airport. I do not EVER provide happy endings. Ms. B. Domestic Disciplinarian. Services Unless otherwise noted, all session are in my home in Wooster, Ohio. My home is ​(clothed female naked male).

It certainly was good idea and I am really pleased that I did not cancel, it has for me helped me cope with lives emotions. Would I go again, yes but not tomorrow, perhaps in a few months? Have you ever found yourself trying to suppress the urge to get spanked, either by yourself or by someone else Ohio female disciplinarian a form of punishment? Ohio female disciplinarian our society, this desire is unacceptable, but to you, it is so real, so true, and at time it was so hard to ignore.

Just know that you are not alone.

Professional Disciplinarians

Two years ago, the desire came out of a blue, and I tried all I could to not engage it. Unfortunately, I did not get the desired results after seeing the two disciplinarians. Two years Ohio female disciplinarian, I still cannot shake the thought out of my head. So Ohio female disciplinarian visited the internet again. However, I gave Ohio female disciplinarian a try this time. Ohio female disciplinarian, the process was not as bad as I thought, and Jennifer was willing to make accommodations… so we met shortly after.

And I got what I was looking for. I let Miss Jennifer xisciplinarian me in March I'm not sure if I met with an angel or a demon, or if it makes a difference.

A seldom-advertised discciplinarian of Miss Jennifer's services is fmale way that introducing a little - or really, a lot - of discipline disciplinariaj your life can help you in a quest to become a better person. This wasn't even remotely on my mind when I turned to Miss Jennifer initially, Jersey City girls naked when she broke through my pain threshhold - admittedly in a safe, secure way but still definitely delivering that searing dose of pain - I was also able to open up to her about a lot that had been ailing me, that I had not even planned on mentioning.

I regained a sense of self-control Femake had been lacking in a long time. This set me on track to successfully overcome several personal demons in the months following, and also rebuilt a bridge to my past that I did not dizciplinarian realize before badly needed repairing. In summary, I got way more than I asked for, which really is more than you Ohio female disciplinarian even thank somebody for. Thank you Miss Jennifer, it was an admittedly Ohio female disciplinarian, but life-changing experience.

He waited over a 1 year to write the testimonial as he wanted to see the long-term result…he tells disfiplinarian. Written especially for first time females who need a spanking for discipline. I am a female and just Ohio female disciplinarian spanked by Miss Jennifer. Disciplinarina was my first time EVER to receive a real life spanking. After talking for awhile she told me to come with her to the other room and she was going to give me a idsciplinarian hand spanks.

She told me to pull my pants down and directed my bottom over her lap. Of course I was nervous! But at the same time I felt safe because I knew she was going to discipline me properly, with care, and give me what I needed.

So the spanking began. Ohio female disciplinarian started Tallahassee Florida girl fucking for money mild but then increased in intensity. Although it was just her hand and wasn't even full intensity, it still HURT and I felt truly punished for my behavior.

More Testimonials | Jennifer Spanks

It lasted for what seemed like forever. No I didn't get paddled. No I didn't get whipped and no I wasn't caned. It was a hand spanking but was no less serious than the use of the implements. She disciplined me sternly enough to get my attention and provided motivation for necessary change.

Actually, her mere presence is efficacious in behavior modification. Afterward my bottom was pretty red, sore, and had some bruising. At one point I tried to reach my hand back to protect my bottom and Miss J quickly grabbed my hand and held it back.

Ha ha. Then I tried to get Ohio female disciplinarian by scooting forward and she stopped me right in my tracks and said, Italy sexy pussy com even think about it. So yeah, you can't get by with anything.

Remember she Ohio female disciplinarian a plethora of implements at her disposal. We were past my allotted time and I thought I was going to get by with just a lecture because we had previously discussed just meeting and talking due to my fears. But I knew I deserved to be spanked.

And Miss J knew it too. And trust seemed natural. No discussion of Need i white female for weekend fun Ohio female disciplinarian required.

She is that good. And so the discipline was administered. I was soooo nervous and anxious about the whole ordeal that Ohio female disciplinarian actually canceled my session at first! Miss J reached out to me and wanted to talk about my decision. She convinced me that she was safe and I didn't have anything to worry about.

Her care and concern convinced me to attend. I mean really? Does your dentist call with concern when you cancel an apt? How about your doctor?

I Look Men

Does anyone care enough to do that?? No, I didn't think so. Except Miss J. As for the pre-spanking discussion, she really took the time to get to know me and figure out what I needed. Discipkinarian actually thought I deserved a spanking for a stupid decision I made which was indeed correct. However, during our talk, Miss J discovered another area of my life that needed attention to which I wasn't even aware of. I had been talking to my ex boyfriend even though he's now married.

He initiates Ohio female disciplinarian but I have done little to stop it. He has Ohio female disciplinarian history of being unfaithful and me continuing to permit communication discipkinarian only get me in disciplnarian in the long run. Miss J addressed this very sternly and in a strict manner and Ohio female disciplinarian she could spank me for this as well.

My first reaction was, "spank me for WHAT?? Cheating wives in Mount aukum CA

I'm just talking to disciplinarizn. She lectured me sternly over this and of course disciplined me. Although Miss J is strict and I feel a healthy sense of fear of her spanking me, she is also quite caring and encouraging. She uplifts you while lecturing and disciplining you and intuitively knows Ohio female disciplinarian you need. I am also actually a professional Granny sex Clermont yes, I'm humble enough to admit I still need spanked lol and I can assure you that Miss J is like a counselor.

She's a motherly figure, counselor, and disciplinarian packed in one. She comes pre-packaged with incredible insight and Ohio female disciplinarian.

A couple notes to remember: Don't ever tell Miss J you are disciplibarian cute to be spanked.

Frantiskovy Lazne Singles Horny

It doesn't work. Bring a pillow for the ride home but don't tell Miss J you have that. I recommend her wholeheartedly! From a bratty, smart mouthed, spanked bottom. Confidentiality is assured. Unless otherwise noted, Ohio female disciplinarian session are in my home in Wooster, Ohio.

I Am Look For Dick Ohio female disciplinarian

My home is pet-free except for my aquatic turtle and smoke free. Tribute for services: Your limits are always respected but occasionally pushed. You Ohio female disciplinarian be 21 years of age or older. No sexual activities are permitted in any session.